Ways to Support My Work

If you’d like to help me keep this going and do even better, you have some options!

This one’s definitely the easiest. Just buy toys and whatnot like usual, but after accessing the site/product via one of the links around the blog or on the toybox page.

Buy me a cuppa (a donation of a few dollars).

The trope seems to be coffee, but we can imagine it’s any drink, or perhaps not a drink at all.

As always, thanks for reading and presumably liking solochrome. If nothing else, you can support my work by telling me how you think I can make it better. Drop me a line in the comments or via email any time! It also helps a lot if you share what you like, or what has been useful to you, through social media and whatnot. That’s what I want to do, really: help people with their sexual lives (myself included, tbh).

Thanks, Jean