We-Vibe Touch Review

The We-Vibe Touch is a quality vibrator. Along with the Tango, it’s praised all over the sex toy world. My thoughts are a little different.

Now, the main reason I’d like to write a different sort of review on the Tango/Touch is because of how positive the typical review is. Tons of people love the motor these vibrators share to death(la petite mort). This is great for them, but I do think there are a few caveats that ought to be noted before one springs for either toy.

  1. There are some fairly-commonly reported issues regarding the lifespan of the T/T motor.
  2. The charger is notoriously finicky and problem-prone.
  3. The battery life might not be enough for you, and can start to wane1.

I haven’t experienced either of these problems myself. My Touch has, on occasion, randomly turned off during use, as if it died…but then clicked right back on again. The charger is a little finicky, but I haven’t had any real trouble charging it. I just get it in the right spot and leave it in a position where it hopefully won’t slip or disconnect somehow. So mine has been fine since I’ve bought it. But there’s another important caveat there–I really don’t use it that much, while others need theirs to come, and end up using it all the time. I imagine this is where motor/battery issues usually come in.

How it feels

The silicone is matte and silky. We-Vibe is right, it does feel good on my body(anywhere), and the slight give in the silicone makes it a more comfortable experience for me, since I like pressing vibrators into my clit. I recorded a quick video to show the “squish,” if you could call it that. It’s not quite squishy, but I guess I’m splitting hairs..

We-Vibe Touch Squish Test from Jean Solo on Vimeo.

About the vibrations, though…

The first thing the Touch showed me was that it will not be held back by its size. It’s strong as fuck, and the vibrations go deep. There are patterns, and I like the one that ramps up and down continuously…but overall? It’s not for me. I can feel the strength, yes. I can only really even use it on the first setting–maybe the second2. At one point I was trying to train myself to be able to tolerate the Touch, but I realized I don’t have to do that–I’m just one of the few when it comes to this toy.

My personal qualm with the Touch is just that it doesn’t seem to be what my clit really wants or likes. It numbs my clit and vulva somewhat, and can even give me that itchy feeling that is admittedly about seventy times worse with buzzy vibes like the Tantus bullet.

So far, it’s my only ‘luxury’ external vibrator (and was my first) so, when I was shopping for a vibrator, I just had jump for a toy and start to learn what my vibration preferences were. I think it’s just too strong and firm for me, so I’ve started looking at what might be a good attempt #2. The only other vibrator I’ve owned is that Tantus bullet.

What I have gotten from it

The Touch taught me that I like more pinpoint vibrations over broad stimulation, and that I still like to be able to use pressure even with vibrations. I think I like it most when I use it just on my mons veneris, where my clitoral shaft is below the surface.

Most clitically critically, though, I’ve got a hunch that I’d like a less-powerful vibrator, which isn’t something one hears a lot in the sex toy world. With pinpoint, I actually get that fluttery-electric-glowy3 feeling in my clit from the vibrations, whereas when I try broad stim I just…feel like something is vibrating against my clit … no different from if it were on my knee or ear.

What I like most about the Touch is its shape, which allows for a lot of experimentation as to what size range suits you best, and where. It’s a real resource if you don’t know what you like yet. Pinpoint here, use the back for broad, use the side/spoon-shaped front to cup or cradle your clitoris. So many options!


The Touch is a good vibrator that I feel was worth the money I paid for it. The issues that I highlighted above are simply things I felt get left out of the conversation when people ask about strong external vibrators to purchase. These things are beloved the world over. You should see the /r/sextoys subreddit–”me/my wife is in love with her Tango!” is probably the most populous comment there. They’re the rulers of the external vibrator world.

So if you’re looking for a small but stronk vibrator you can use on your clit, and don’t mind the potential risk for issues down the line? Go for it.

You can buy the We-Vibe Touch or Tango from Vibrant, Peepshow Toys, SheVibe, or practically anywhere luxury sex toys are sold.

  1. I’ve read posts from Dangerous Lilly and Miss Ruby that mention their problems with their multiple Tangos’ charger/battery life. There are also notes from Epiphora and theNotice regarding the issues with We-Vibe motors, rumbly as they may be. 

  2. Apparently I have a sensitive clit. 

  3. IT’S HARD TO DESCRIBE PHYSICAL FEELINGS, OKAY? And also, it’s not necessarily pleasurable; it’s close, and it’s intense…but it’s not the same as the feelings I get that I would say are purely pleasureable.