Screaming O! Tri-It! Review

I asked to Tri-It so you don’t have to!

Edit 6/13/19: I tried-it again, just because I stumbled upon it in a box in my room. This time the vibrations didn’t numb me out as they had before, but the toy was still frustrating to me due to the design. I made a couple edits to this review for the sake of accuracy.

I could totally go on a rant about how weird the design is, but I’m not against unique toys. I could slam the name and how it seems like it betrays Screaming O!’s poor design here. But what really puts me off this toy is that the vibrations don’t feel great to me (they start to feel uncomfortably buzzy/numbing/itchy to me pretty quickly in use) and the 2/3 of the arms might as well not be there. These factors make the price seem like an error to me.

My issues with it

It’s just…it doesn’t make sense to me? The shape is bizarre in that the aux-nubs are useless, yet the trio of nubs is supposed to be the point of the toy. Yet I don’t see how they’re stimulating at all. The stems for the nubs are pretty flexible, and so I can’t get any pressure from them. Worse, the vibrations seem to be dampened and suppressed immediately upon contact. The only one that vibrates even when pressed against skin is the primary/middle prong. So as far as getting multiple points of contact…the Tri-It fails.

The vibrations are also pretty somewhat buzzy1, though they do get pretty forceful on the highest levels. The toy has power but it’s kind of useless for me; I instinctively want to press it into my clitoris but that immediately misdirects and dampens the vibrations. It’s disappointing, if not frustrating.

Another issue with the design that I found on trying it several months later that I didn’t quite realize initially: the angle of the beads/head makes it somewhat awkward to place the three beads in whatever configuration around your clit that you’d like.

A small nitpicky thing is that there are pretty noticeable seams on the body of the toy, but I’m thinking that with the price tag on this toy, they shouldn’t be quite so noticeable. In fact, overall, the Tri-It doesn’t seem quite as refined as a near-$80 toy should be in my mind. As an example, Je Joue seems to be able to do a lot better for even less with their bullet series. To be honest, I didn’t know the price of the Tri-It while I was testing it, and I didn’t expect to find that it wasn’t a $40 toy.

Where it’s okay

The Tri-It is made of body-safe silicone all over and is rechargeable. At least there’s that.

It also has power and isn’t exactly buzzy, but isn’t the most rumbly mini-vibe out there (compared to the We-Vibe Touch/Tango, around the same price). I’d describe them as kind of in the middle of buzzy/rumbly, as I’ve experienced the two sorts of vibrations.

One good thing is that the controls are +/-, not just one button. There are a ton of power increments and patterns available, so it would be pretty unacceptable if you’d have to cycle through all of those just to get back to whatever one you liked. I hope this becomes standard on all toys, even toys with only a handful of levels and patterns. It’s a lot nicer to be able to go back and forth.


As far as triple contact goes, I don’t know of many toys that have this feature. I’ve seen the JimmyJane Love Pods Tre, but nothing else.

But double-contact toys exist aplenty (relatively). The best-reviewed that I know of is the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator.

For variety’s sake, in case there are some people really holding out for a triple-contact external vibrator, I hope something better comes out. But if you’re looking for more than one vibrating point…I wouldn’t “tri” the Tri-It, I’d go with the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet. If you just wanted strong pinpoint vibrations in a silicone package, go with the We-Vibe Touch.

You can pick up the Tri-It and other multi-contact toys at Vibrant. Vibrant disappeared–shop at SheVibe.

Thanks to Vibrant for sending me the Screaming O! Tri-It! to write up an honest review.

  1. I said buzzy here, but they’re not quite “buzzy” in the way a cheap bullet vibe is (high-pitched vibrations that don’t go anywhere but the surface). They’re kind of mid-ranged as far as pitch goes. But the Touch/Tango in the same price range have far more rumble.