The Butters Aloe x Shea Lube Review

It smells damn good, that’s for sure.

What it’s like

…but the best part about The Butters’ lube is how luxurious it feels and how seamlessly it blends into/onto my skin. Normally, any extra lube that gets on one’s hands after applying it to whatever you’re about to use/fuck gets wiped off on sheets, a tissue, or similar. With the Butters, I rub the excess into my skin–usually onto my breasts or thighs, which feels…smooth, slick, and sexy.

A huge perk of the Butters’ lube is its cost. Compared to other premium lubricants, it’s pretty inexpensive, yet you don’t lose out on good, auxiliary qualities that you might want in a lubricant: good smell, good company, environmental or cruelty concerns.

And in the critical categories, The Butters Shea lube definitely works well in my experience. I like using it most with hard toys like glass and steel dildos, especially when I’ve taken the extra step to warm them up. The Butters melts on contact and the aroma lifts into the air and damn, not only is the feel of the heat and the liquified lube nice, it smells lovely too.

There are some caveats to all oil-based lubes based on your needs. Oil-based lubricants can break down condoms, or can (like all lubricants) contain ingredients that might cause reactions or breakouts on skin.

Before trying The Butters, I used coconut oil. I’ve got plans to work on/test out liquid oil-based lubricants in the future, since I do seem to like the liquid state more than the creaminess of The Butters…at rest, if you will. But of course, straight oil has its issues. The Butters’ creaminess is actually useful in that you can have the lube stay put until you get going. When you’ve got a dildo slicked with coconut oil…time is of the essence (drip…drip).

How it feels

On silicone, it performs and doesn’t let me down. I definitely don’t end up piling more and more lube onto my toys/self; a little goes a long way. Of course, everyone has different applications and self-lubrication levels, so results can and will vary. I honestly don’t seem to get very wet on my own, though, and can say that The Butters gives enough slip once I’ve lubed up a toy with a pea-sized amount that I don’t experience discomfort/bad-friction at all. Being oil-based, it doesn’t get sticky during or after use. I probably feel most “comfortable” post-sex with The Butters than with most water-based lubes; they can leave me feeling too wet and cushioned.


I like The Butters as a company so much I started supporting them via Patreon. Their actual body products are great and, honestly, perfect for me. Can’t wait to use their hair stuff. But the lube…

Should you buy this lube? I think that if you don’t need a lot of lube, just something to keep whatever toy you’re using from being straight-up dry, yes. I think it’s got its advantages over coconut oil and water-based lube. However, there are legitimate reasons you should be careful using any oil-based lube, so this really depends. I don’t recommend it for anal. Bottom line is, lube is all about situation and preference as far as I can tell.

I, for one, can’t wait to try the cocoa butter version.

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