Tantus Tsunami Review

It’s wavy.

What it’s like

The strawberry is fucking gorgeous, in my humble opinion. I know how a lot of people, including myself, feel about pink toys. Tantus’ colors are different though; even though they’re just ‘pink’ (strawberry) and ‘purple’ (purple haze), the variation, depth of color, and gloss make them attractive in ways that I haven’t seen in other pinks and purples.

A blue would have been cool, though, what with the name “Tsunami” …

Beauty aside, the silicone is flawless. There’s no difference in my Tsunami today versus the day I received it.

How it feels

The Tsunami was the dildo I got after my first toy ever, a Doc Johnson jelly nasty-tower 8” long with balls. I remember I got it in part because it came with a vibrator, which I’d never had before. A two-fer, in a sense. The jelly dildo was nothing compared to the Tsunami and I wasn’t expecting all that the Tsunami brought as I used it again and again.

The Tsunami introduced me to texture and pleasurable deeper stimulation, and with it, I learned how much I love thrusting and firm toys against my vaginal walls. The Tsunami feels so good at every depth, especially when I’ve really gotten into thrusting and am enjoying myself. The curved tip stimulates relentlessly, wherever it is, while the waves near the base press into and rub against my g-spot when thrusting most/all of the Tsunami’s length. This is really why the Tsunami is so excellent; the tip has this curve that you don’t find very often in toys, but it’s smooth until the wave-roughened bottom half that presses against and rubs against the shallower ends of my vagina.

Most of all, the Tsunami really showed me how good internal stimulation is for me, something I hadn’t gotten before with the evil jelly monstrosity I’d bought before Tsunami. The width and length are seemingly perfect for me, because it’s not hard to take with its 1.25” tip, but the wider wavy bottom half stretched and massages my g-spot and opening. I can feel comfortably stretched. Because it’s not too long, I get to have the personal turn-on of being able to take most of it when I’m turned on.

Should you get it?

I honestly think that anyone who likes vaginal stimulation at all should get the Tsunami. If you only use insertables anally, maybe skip it unless you know very firm silicone can work for you there. It doesn’t for me, but the Tsunami more than makes up for that with how goddamn fantastic it is otherwise.

Go ahead and grab the Tsunami in Strawberry or Purple Haze at Tantus.

What else is there?

There are a ton of textured dildos by Tantus, if you like what the Tsunami has to offer but want something less intense.