Tantus Touchdown Review

The Touchdown is a winner on almost every front. (I’m entitled to mix metaphors a bit, alright?)

The good parts

First of all, I like that it goes in easily. That’s something I learned not to take for granted after trying softer plugs. Also, the Touchdown is inexpensive, and there aren’t many cheaper silicone butt plug options. I haven’t seen one with quite this form factor, either. It’s like a little rocket!

Speaking of the form factor: I like the length and width of the Touchdown. It’s comfortable inside. And the neck/bulb feel quite nice when I move or push on the plug intentionally (I really like pushing on the base). I definitely don’t get the same feeling from the Egg Plug(discussed more below), so I think the firmer silicone has a few things going for it for sure1. The stem is most of the insertable length of the plug, which is not that common and feels good to me. It also helps the Touchdown comfortably “plug.”

But2…the thing is, only a few minutes after I insert the Touchdown and get up to go about my business, the edges of the base start digging and pressing into my cheeks and I get these two competing feelings.

What rubs me the wrong way

So the base isn’t ideal for how I was trying to use the Touchdown. The plug is small so the base is too, diameter-wise…but it’s still uncomfortable to me after just a little bit of time. I’m not sure why, exactly; it might be the edges. To be honest, it might be my build+the base…my ass is not a small one. There’s a lot more cheek to press into the sides of the plug and get a little irritated. It takes some finagling and adjustment to get to slightly more comfortable positions (positions in bed are much more tenable than standing/sitting/walking with it), but I still can’t escape the fundamental roundness of the base.

I think the bottom line is that your use case matters a lot with plugs. For me, going into trying the Touchdown and a couple other plugs, I wanted to use them as a supplement of sorts; I’m particularly interested in finding some plugs to wear as a prelude to masturbating. Like, hey, i’m going to bed/masturbate in an hour or so, lemme pop this in to build some anticipation/excitement/enjoy the bits of stimulation and passive pleasure it gives me. I don’t need all-day wear potential, just a couple hours max. I also don’t necessarily need to be able to wear it during penetration, but that is a popular use for plugs. WIth a bit of plug-experience under my belt now, I would like to try long-ish term wear, and to use plugs to prep for anal sex. In those cases, a t-bar base is ideal. But it isn’t always ideal.

T-bar vs. round bases

If you’re looking for a plug to wear during penetrative sex (as a receiver), some t-bar base plugs can get in the way of the bottom of the vaginal entrance if they’re too long. This is more unlikely to happen with round bases, but as I’ve discussed, they can be slightly uncomfortable even if they’re small. The SquarePeg Egg Plug I have does occlude my vaginal opening.

So before publishing this review, I wanted to see if I could find something that did work for more comfortable wear, to know if I had an issue with plug bases and attempts at longer wear in general, or if the issue was the Touchdown. I sort of found what I described above in the SquarePeg Egg Plug XS in Supersoft Graphite. And yeah, I kinda got it in that color because I have the Touchdown in silver and wanted them to seem similar for photos. So if you’re looking for a fantastic plug that you can wear for a good while, and you can go for the $29.99 Egg Plug vs the $19.99 Touchdown, I’d say do it. If you are just looking to try a plug for short periods of time(like during sex/masturbation) and don’t want something that’s pointy and pinky-sized–try the Touchdown.

I also want to try (and offer up for your perusal) Tantus’ Ace to see if the t-bar base makes it a better buy for comfort with a very similar profile.


Get the Touchdown if you want a quality plug to wear for other kinds of penetration or masturbation, and aren’t looking for long-term wear. If you want long-term, keep looking; here’s a resource to help.

You can buy the Tantus Touchdown on their site only; it’s an exclusive for their store. It comes in purple haze, a shimmery black, and silver. The weekend I’m publishing this, Tantus has a 25% off sale on their plugs, so you can get it(or any other plug, including the Ripples) for $16. Score.

Thanks to Tantus for sending me the Touchdown for review.

  1. this has me wanting a split density silicone plug, with a soft sculpted base for comfort and a firm insertable portion for the sensations. 

  2. I’m not going to write butt. I’m not going to write butt. I’m not going to…