Tantus Ripple Small Review

I like the Ripple; the small size means it’s perfect for ‘cold’ use.

When using it for the first time, I discovered how much I like the undulating shape of the toy, despite the small size.

What it’s like

I picked the Grab Bag Ripple but got what looks like the standard Midnight Purple color. Bollocks. But, being a Tantus toy, the silicone is quality and I don’t have any complaints. Because the toy is thin, it’s a lot more flexible than the ‘flexible’(which is what Tantus calls their standard silicone) Tantus dildos I have. I’d say it’s pliable but not squishy at all. This makes it really easy to insert; the firmness isn’t uncomfortable in any way for me.

How it feels

Surprisingly(to me, anyway), I really enjoy even going from bead #1 to #2. 2 to 3 is even better. Because the base is round and, I think because of the size of my ass lol, is practically impossible to get flush with my anus, I think of the Ripple as more of a small anal dildo. I imagine this would be even more true of the larger incarnation of the Ripple.

Tantus isn’t the only manufacturer of this type of anal toy: like their Silk series, there are several companies that make comparable options. Thing is, Tantus silicone and ethical standing is top-notch, where some of the other bead-dildo types of toys don’t come from companies that exclusively produce body-safe toys by hand, in the USA. Tantus is also widely available and the chances of getting a Ripple at a good price is pretty high. BS Atelier, another excellent company, makes a slightly thicker toy with a similar profile, the Bobó. It’s pretty, but it’s a bit more expensive than the Ripple large on Shevibe. It’s justifiable, though: one big leg-up the Bobó does have over both Ripples is the bar-type base, allowing for comfortable wear between the cheeks. Additionally, it comes in rainbow(!) and doesn’t have the length of the Ripple (l) while approaching its maximum width (1.25” vs 1.5”). More length can be uncomfortable or undesireable in anal toys, so I see this as a plus. I definitely can’t, and wouldn’t like to, take over 6” of the Ripple large to get the benefit of that last 1.5”-thick bead.

I definitely bought the Ripple with ‘sizing up’ in mind; I’d never played with appropriately-sized anal toys before, and thought the graduated-bead approach would be manageable in ways that a tapered dildo/plug would not be. This is true, I think, but the Ripple does end up delivering a pleasure all its own that makes it a worthwhile buy. It’s a perfect gentle warm up, it feels good, it’s fun and interesting to play with the bloops, and it comes with all the inherent benefits of Tantus toys.


Definitely recommend as a starter anal toy–you can get a little more fun out of this if you’re not specifically looking for a plug to wear. Thrusting it feels great and there’s the Ripple large to graduate to if you like the idea of using it to learn to take even larger toys.

Pick up the Ripple Small in standard colors or choose some Grab Bag excitement! You can also buy it at Vibrant or SheVibe.