Tantus Echo & Echo Super Soft Reviews

The Tantus Echo and Echo Super Soft are surprisingly different.

My latest purchase from Tantus was a Grab Bag Echo–I ended up receiving an Echo Super Soft in what looks like Midnight Purple instead of the normal firmness. Tantus sent me a normal Echo in Purple Haze after that, so I get to review both here!

Incidentally, the Echo Super Soft(SS) normally comes in Purple Haze or Wine, while the Echo is available in Midnight Purple or Pearly White. So the textures of my two Echoes are switched. Neat.

The Echo is very firm, as is typical for Tantus toys. It’s just a step or two away from completely rigid, and stands up on its own with no problem. The SS, on the other hand, can flop all over the place, and feels a lot less stable if you try to get it to stand on its own. It can, it’s just that the difference is palpable.

When using my Tantus dildos, all of which have space for a vibrator, I usually put a finger in there while holding the base of the dildo as I thrust. The Echo is like my Tsunami: I can press as much as I like from the inside of the dildo–the walls won’t give. With the SS, I can actually feel(with my vagina/etc) my fingers’ movement and positioning against the walls of the toy.

The matte finish of the SS can make it difficult to tell the difference in the depth of the toy’s texture, compared with the original Echo. Between the super-softness and the mellowed-out waves on the Echo Super Soft, I can’t feel the texture in use. The best thing about this dildo for me is the solid, yet soft head; I’ve found it feels great anally. In fact, I’ve been on something of a side-quest since I found out how much my ass likes soft silicone–all thanks to my accidental Echo SS.

I’ve been a little let down by the original Echo as well. What I’ve learned about myself and my vagina is that I need a curve, not texture. The Echo looked like it would be my new obsession, but it doesn’t work as well for me as I’d thought. Apparently, I need my dildos to have a curve, and texture can just be a bonus on top of that, like with the Tantus Tsunami or the Fun Factory Tiger. So with the Echo SS, I honestly feel almost nothing when I use it vaginally–especially if my fingers aren’t in the vibrator-cavity, because then the weaker walls of the bottom part of the dildo seem to give in to my vaginal walls, instead of the other way around. At least with the original Echo I can get some sensation out of it. (I find it works best for me in certain positions and with quick, short thrusts.)

Echo: hardly needs to be mentioned with Tantus, but the silicone is quality and, in the case of Purple Haze, gorgeous. It’s firm and the texture is noticable without being irritating, because it’s so exaggerated. This really depends on what you like–but personally, lighter texturing like on realistic dildos doesn’t feel good, just annoying. The texture on the Tiger, for me, is just enough to not be irritating in that way.

Most importantly, though: if you want the Echo for g-spot stimulation, you might want to make sure that you can get the stimulation you’re after with a straight toy. If you’re looking for a killer g-spot toy, I think the Tsunami hits it much more intensely and reliably.

If you’re looking for texture, the Echo SS is disappointing. However, it is definitely a more gentle experience when thrusting, and if that works for you–the Echo SS probably will too. The softness is nice for anal as well, but the vibrator-cavity poses a real problem for me. It makes it harder to thrust and control the dildo, so if you want the softness with a more sturdy foundation to work with, you probably want to take a look at Tantus’ O2 and non-vibrator Super Soft toys. What I know about the Super Soft texture now has me lusting after a Severin Super Soft. The silicone is good, it’s just that all the qualities of the Echo SS don’t work well for me in tandem.