Toys for Pride

Here’s a big list of safe sex toys(mainly insertables) to show your pride.

View SheVibe’s whole Pride collection(with a rainbow vibrator and cock ring) too; they’re donating profits from their pride section to The Trevor Project.

I’ve listed the companies and put the flag designs they have available underneath/alongside for ease (I hope!). Most of the designs are linked in one place but some odd links are in the flag-tags themselves.

If there’s anything missing you think I should add, hit me @solochrome or /u/solochro-me!

Dildos & Plugs

Blush Novelties

rainbow lesbian bisexual transgender genderqueer genderfluid asexual bear leather

BS Atelier

rainbow lesbian bisexual transgender polyamorous genderqueer leather custom

Colours: rainbow

Funkit Toys: rainbow, custom


rainbow1 bisexual transgender genderqueer polysexual pansexual

Geeky Sex Toys

rainbow lesbian bisexual transgender custom

Split Peaches: rainbow(unicorn horn)

Ttamage (glass artisan): rainbow

Simply Elegant Glass

rainbow trans custom

Uberrime: a couple “accidentally bi” colorways

Vixen: tie bright

Fantasy Toy Makers with Pride Options:

The cover photo is from BS Atelier’s product page for the Alex Rainbow.

Last updated: June 2, 2019

  1. There’s also Godemiche’s “confused rainbow” colorway.