BMS PalmPower Review

The PalmPower might be the wand that has everything.

When I think about all it offers for its price ($69, nice), it’s extremely impressive, especially when put up against the competition.

It’s body-safe, it’s powerful, waterproof, there are attachments available, it’s cordless, and it’s slim–not cumbersome or heavy (it’s pictured with that legendary microphone above because it struck me that they’re pretty close in size). You get the benefits of both worlds of external/”clitoral” vibes: small toys that can fit in your hand, and full-size wands that you plug into a wall and cause earthquakes. There’s obviously going to be more headroom for power in a large mains-powered wand like a Doxy, but the PalmPower still has plenty of rumble and power to go ‘round.


What about other wands? A huge number of people wonder about the logistics of using a wand(the wand…the Magic Wand in particular, since it’s the most well-known out there) during partnered sex; it’s a legitimate worry. Another factor is that in my experience, when people talk about how they(or their partner) use the Magic Wand, they mention that they have to dampen the vibrations through cloth of some sort. The original Magic Wand(and the newer Plus) is still one of the strongest vibrators out there (I’ve only heard some fellow reviewers say that Doxy beats it, but that’s about it), but its power options are limited to two. Otherwise you have to buy an additional accessory to further modify the levels of vibration.

One extra issue with many other wands is that they don’t have body-safe, non-porous heads and bodies, or they’re not waterproof (an issue with cleaning and with all the fluids that sex entails). I’ve heard cleaning the Doxy flat-out described as a pain.

Some luxury wands have tackled problems that came with the Magic Wand, but they’re relatively expensive (Le Wand, O Wand, Doxy Wands), and might actually be too powerful. So I’m back on something like my thoughts on the njoy Pure Wand, another intense and beloved, but expensive (and sometimes polarizing) toy. The powerful luxury wands are great(as is original Magic Wand), but if you don’t know you want/need that level of intensity, there are other great options. Here, I recommend the PalmPower like I recommended trying a glass toy in lieu of the $110 Pure Wand if you’re unsure.

You might end up wanting or needing more power, but I actually think it’s a good move in these cases.


When I was testing the PalmPower I brought out my Swan Wand after a while and realizes that the PalmPower is even stronger than it. Now, the Swan Wand has a hugely different set up that makes it hard to compare the two toys directly, but if we’re just going by power, the Palm Power wins. It starts off stronger and ends much faster than the Swan. Like I can’t stress that enough, lol. I was holding down the button to increase the speed and it just. kept. going. Considering the praise I read on the Swan Wand before I bought it myself (from people that have much more hardy clits than I) for the Swan Wand’s vibrations and power, I think it’s a useful comparison to make.

The only semi-con I can think of is that you have one button that you press-and-hold to increase the level of vibrations. In a way it’s actually a pro and a con, since this means you can stop wherever you like instead of having, say, 5 levels that you click through with a button. Power is a spectrum with this toy. However, I don’t think I’ve seen this outside of BMS’ Powerbullet toys, so it’ll be different from other toys that you may own.

Oh, and I wish it came in all-black or something without hot pink. But that’s about it for the “cons” list.

The reason I’m writing about its qualities so much and not about the orgasms it gave me is because the PalmPower is simply too strong for me. I tried, damnit, but I really am whatever the opposite of a power queen is. I use most of my vibrators on their first setting, maybe the second if I’m going ham. The first level is somewhat useable for me(mainly through clothes, or I’ll get that numbing feeling) but it’s still not pleasurable.


The PalmPower is a powerful, compact, affordable, safe wand. I honestly think it’s a fantastic option that gets overlooked by the mains-powered powerhouse wands–despite being plenty rumbly and powerful on its own. If you’re looking for a wand for any use, this deserves to be on your shortlist.

I was supposed to say: “pick up the PalmPower Recharge at Vibrant (and use code SOLO for 10% off anytime)” … But Vibrant is no longer with us (R.I.P.), so…

You can buy the PalmPower Recharge at Peepshow Toys! Use the coupon code SOLO for 10% off your order.