Blush Noje G Slim Vibrator Review

I’ll get right to the point: this is a great vibrator, especially for $35. Just to be clear, it’s not a great vibrator for the price, it’s just that the price sweetens the deal and what you can get out of it.

What it’s like

The Noje G Slim takes the form of an “egg-on-a-stick” vibrator, a classic g-spot vibrator form. It’s made out of ABS plastic, and is therefore body-safe/non-porous. This particular model is rechargeable, though Blush does make a version that takes batteries.

The vibrations of the Noje are really strong, even from the first level. They’re fast vibrations from the get-go, so while this isn’t really a buzzy toy, it doesn’t have anything like a slow purr-like start. Lots of other toys I have vibrate this way; they go from a purr to a rapid powerful vibration that is still rumbly, but loses some of that rumble to speed. Many bloggers’ reviews I’ve read corroborate this idea: often, a vibrator’s highest levels become slightly buzzy.

If I had to pick a word for the Noje’s vibrations, and even for the toy overall, it’d be intense. The powerful vibrations, the G-spot stroking shape (and the slim shaft after the bulging head), and the firmness of the plastic are a hell of a combination.

The Controls

Image of the Noje G Slim’s controls: a plus button, a minus button on opposite sides of the bottom of the handle, with the Blush logo in-between.

There are 10 vibration “functions,” and thankfully the control scheme isn’t a singular button: you get two. One thing that’s a little weird about how the controls work to me is how long you have to hold down either the + or - button in order to turn it on or off. But that’s not necessarily a big deal1.

[As a side note, I appreciate the “sage” color as an alternative to the pink and purple standbys.]

How it feels

Internal use

As a G-spot vibrator, the Noje can be used externally and internally both on and off. If you’ve read some of my other vibrator reviews…you won’t be surprised when I say that I think I enjoyed the Noje the most when I used it without vibrations. I just fucking love the shape that much, and the intense vibrations were often just too much for me, despite being pleasurable when I could handle them.

It’s actually kind of funny how much the Noje’s intensity made me scream on multiple occasions.

The first time I gave it a fair try, I wasn’t super-aroused and I used it without doing much else beforehand. Fast-forward like five minutes and I’m thrusting it in a frenzy and shouting all manner of profanity from how good the vibrations + the shape feel.

The second time I end up only trying to use it and still end up close to the same state. See, this is how intense the toy is: I had been masturbating for a while and thought it would be good to try the toy when already quite aroused after having had some clitoral peaks/orgasms. My level of arousal can definitely utterly transform my experience with a toy…but this is where I learned that maybe one can be too aroused for certain toys/intensities. I wouldn’t have used the Pure Wand in the state I was in (too firm/intense), and it turns out the Noje was a no-go too.

So, wow. The shape is really effective, almost too effective at certain times.

The third time I tweeted about it:

I love the shape because of the bulging head but also because it slims down, which makes the toy so much more effective to me. “Front-loaded” toys are the bomb for internal stimulation2; they add a lot to the thrusting experience on top of making it easier to handle taking the toy3. View its glory below:

As a clit toy

Tons of G-spot vibrators end up getting recommended for their efficacy as clitoral vibrators over their ‘intended’ function. I think the shape of the Noje is really handy for clitoral stimulation with that long handle…but my clit isn’t really a fan of the sort of vibrations it gives. While I wouldn’t say I need pinpoint vibration, I’m becoming more and more certain that I need a focused vibration, like the kind I get from a small clit vibe instead of from a wand of any kind. So it’s not for my particular (wimpy) clit, but you can definitely use it this way.


The Blush Noje G Slim is an enormous value, and definitely deserves a chance if you’re looking for a strong vibrator, period. It’s a little shocking to me that it’s only $35, to be honest.

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Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Noje G Slim for an honest review!

  1. if you need to be able to turn off your toy nearly instantly because of a lack of total privacy or whatever else, this matters. Otherwise it’s a bit of a nit-pick from me. 

  2. If you consider the G-Spot Lollipop as the extreme of this sort of toy, it’s easy to see how a bulb + slim shaft = super intense stimulation. 

  3. I don’t really like feeling stretched at my vaginal entrance, and tend to stick to slimmer toys.