Maia Jessi Bullet Vibrator Review

My first vibrator was a battery-powered bullet that came with one of my first dildos, the Tantus Tsunami.

It was pretty unpleasant.

With fresh batteries, it felt overpoweringly buzzy and itchy both in my hand and on my clit, yet amazingly ineffective once in the dildo’s vibrator cavity. It had sweetened the deal of the Tantus toy though; theoretically, I could combine it with the dildo or use each component on its own. This is one of the great aspects of bullet vibes; more than any other toy, they’re usable in so many different ways and can add new function to plain old…butt plugs, dildos, harnesses…they can all become a lot more fun with a good bullet vibe inside.

Unfortunately every bullet vibe I’ve received packaged with a toy has sucked. The trouble is, usually the advice is to replace it with some more expensive and well-made vibe, like the We-Vibe Tango.

Problem with that is the Tango is $79. Though there’s been an explosion of better mini-vibes to compete with the Tango in the past year or two, most at a better price (and precious few just as rumbly or as powerful), practically all of them are just too big for use in other toys. They’re not true bullets, they’re small/miniature vibrators.

Where’s the true bullet that can transfer rumble thorugh a hunk of silicone?

Thankfully, the Maia Jessi bullet steps up. This ain’t your shitty bundle bullet vibrator.

It’s even available in different colors to suit everybody: purple, light blue (“teal”), and actual teal(“emerald”), plus some fun 420 designs.

It’s made of body-safe materials, it’s rechargeable, and it’s only $20.

[Image description: Maia Jessi bullet vibrator(emerald) sitting on two ribbons: one light pink, one teal]

… $20!

Fitting In

Most of my toys that can fit a bullet are from Tantus, so like many Tantus patrons I’ve had several of their little bullet vibes. I lubed up the vibe-cavities of my Echo, Echo Super Soft, and Tsunami to see how the Jessi fit:

I’ll blame the inconsistency on Tantus rather than Maia, since there seem to be other issues with the holes in the various toys I have)the one in the Echo is angled, not straight).

The Jessi is more of a standard bullet vibe size, which is useful, but know that some toys holes are oversized (Fun Factory’s hole for bullets is wider, way too big for the Jessi and others like it to fit properly. It’ll just fall out).

On Its Own

Jessi’s quite powerful, more powerful than the Fun Factory bullet that’s more than twice its price. In fact, it’s reportedly more powerful than quite a few bullet vibes that have disappointed many a reviewer (like Vedo’s Bam Mini).

The noise level from those puchy vibrations is alright; not extremely loud but loud enough that I wouldn’t use it if I were concerned about being heard in the next room at bedtime (and my neighborhood is notoriously quiet–guests always make a remark). My house has paper-thin walls, though, so I’m a little more paranoid about this than others. It’s not so loud that I would worry if there were music playing, white noise during the daytime, or something like a fun running. In short, it’s not the most quiet vibrator and emits a distinctive buzz. Vibes I have that I’d call quiet all have a low-frequency rumbling motor.

That’s not to say Jessi isn’t rumbly though! It absolutely is, which I probably haven’t emphasized enough. It’s got plenty of rumble and power, I really can’t imagine anyone calling it weak. There are rumblier vibes out there, sure, but they’re not $20.

The Controls

Here’s the thing that might be the only downside to this vibe: it starts out on the highest speed, then goes down (three steady speeds in total), then you’re into the patterns. Why is this a problem?

[Image description: Close-up of the Jessi’s charging port on a background of two ribbons: one light pink, one teal.]

I gather most people like to build up to the most powerful speed they like, or go back and forth between speeds. Since Jessi’s speeds go from strongest to weakest, the one-button control actually could be an issue, where usually it’s just a minor inconvenience. If you want to go from low to high, you’ll have to click through to the lowest speed, then make it through the pattern jungle, then you can get the next highest speed. And so on for when you want to go up again. Or you can turn off the vibe and start from the beginning(highest). I’m not sure which one of these options is worse, considering most of what I hear is that people dislike interrupting the vibrations in the heat of the moment when they need a higher speed. It’s just a sad caveat I have to make; the way that people use vibes by themselves seems to contradict the control set-up. If this bothers you, that’s okay! There are other awesome budget bullet vibes (like this one from BMS).


Honestly, I wish Jessi was the vibe that came with toys, the vibe that everyone got in place of those cheap watch-battery vibes populating our landfills. Its vibrations actually rumble enough to make themselves known through silicone dildos. It’s one of those toys that surprised me when I turned it on, and I think it’s an awesome little vibe with a sweet price.

If you just want a strong vibe to put on blast for slipping into a plug or a harness or a dildo, where control of the vibrations isn’t key…go for this bullet.

Pick up the Maia Jessi Bullet at Peepshow Toys for $18 with code SOLO!

Peepshow Toys sent me the Maia Jessi Bullet free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Peepshow!