Iroha Zen Review

Zen delivers a soft touch and light, refined vibrations.

I didn’t really expect to think much of the Zen, but I found myself liking it more the more I used it and considered it, especially compared to my experience with the We-Vibe Touch. The Touch makes my clit want to hide away; I can’t leave it in the spots that give me an intense quasi-pleasurable sensation because it’s just too much. Using that vibrator was always a confusing and tenuous experience.

Enter the Iroha Zen.

The Design

It has three strengths, takes two batteries, and has one pattern(a smooth ramping up-and-down). The small quantity of patterns+strengths makes the one-button control scheme just fine and perfectly manageable. I feel like once you have 6+ options and only one button, it starts to get to be a little bothersome if not annoying to deal with navigating them all. The Zen’s name is fitting, too, because I feel like all its components work together perfectly. Even what I consider its biggest drawback–battery-power–has a bunch of potential upsides to it. (Namely: you can go into ‘travel mode’, you don’t have to wait for a recharge if the toy dies/is dead)

A small plus: the sweet pastel colors it comes in. You don’t see many toys offered in both orange and green colorways.

The Feel

The silicone is unique; it’s matte and smooth and pliable. One could even use the word pillowy. It’s just damn nice to the touch. The best part about it is that the squishy marshmallowy tip feels amazing on my clitoris/vulva in use. I love pressure on my clit, and it’s really conducive to using with pressure. It ticks all the boxes for me. Guess what vibrator I’m looking to buy next? (Hint, it’s a luxury Iroha model). Another small thing I like about it is how good the whisk-texture on the walls of the Zen feel on other places on my body, especially my nipples. Holding the Zen just barely against my skin and twirling or twisting it feels both fun and a bit luxurious. I love when you can use toys in myriad ways!

The vibrations are super quiet and gentle to start. It’s “whisper quiet,” no doubt. Level 2 introduces more noise and a jump in power, and level 3(high) makes the most noise by far. The pattern’s noise varies, but since it isn’t on high for long, it’s closer to level two’s noise level.

The Zen’s vibrations are as unique as the silicone and colors of the model itself. It’s not terribly rumbly, not really. Buzzy isn’t right either. There’s a reason I started the review with the adjective “refined.” These lighter vibrations are accessible to me in a way I haven’t experienced with other vibes. Like I can actually hold it on my clit and enjoy the vibrations. It’s great. I don’t get itchy-numbness no matter how long I use it, and its gentle refined vibrations don’t feel like something I have to try to endure(in a bad, overwhelming way). Plus, it feels natural and…just nice to rub/stroke myself with the soft silicone on the Zen.

I never had much luck and, therefore, much interest in vibrators before recently because it seemed like the cheaper ones I’d had just sucked in almost every way, and the expensive ones were all about power I couldn’t handle/did nothing for me. So the Zen has given me a little hope that I can a) enjoy vibrations and b) find a vibrator, or hell–maybe even a few!–that’ll work for me.


I won’t say the Zen is for everyone. I’ve read reviews for it that use the word “useless” because of its power level. But for me? This is honestly the kind of vibrator I wish I’d started with, instead of the super-strong We-Vibe Touch. Try the wine Zen if you want a gentler experience, whether you’re a beginner to toys or you’ve tried some stronger vibes that you just haven’t been able to enjoy because they’re killing your clit. At any rate, it’s worth $35. Iroha execution is beautiful, even on this budget vibe. I think there are folks out there who will feel the same. Some have clits of steel and others(me) have picky, temperamental, featherweight clits.

You can buy the Iroha Zen at SheVibe, direct from Iroha, SheBop, or Good Vibrations or in orange, pink, or green.

Thanks to Iroha/Tenga for providing me with a Zen free of charge in exchange for my honest thoughts.