Fun Factory Tiger Review

The Tiger had intrigued me for months before I finally bought it.

As my first and only Fun Factory toy so far, I didn’t know what to expect w/r/t the feel or texture of the silicone, or the rigidity of the toy. I have to say, the Tiger’s silicone is perfectly formulated as a counterbalance to its texture.

What it’s like

The shaft is flexible, yet doesn’t yield much to pressure. The Tiger isn’t a small toy, either, so the flexibility helps without taking away from one’s experience of Tiger’s 1.75” ø1. On the other hand, this isn’t the toy for pressuring whatever internal spot makes your jaw drop. You can stroke the fuck out of it with that crowning ridge, though! The silicone is slick, not matte or grainy, which lets the raised texture of the Tiger come through without irritation. It doesn’t ‘eat’ lube like I’ve read that some of FF’s matte silicone can do.

But does the texture feel good?

How it feels

I can tell you I love that top ridge that juts out from the ‘head’ of the Tiger, but the rest of the bumps don’t do much for me. They’re not enough to irritate my vaginal opening, but they don’t really add to the pleasure of using the Tiger. When I fuck myself with the Tiger, I feel the ridge, the length/girth, and the somewhat contradictory way that it fits inside me comfortably while feeling substantial.

The flexibility also works in my favor when thrusting fast and hard, because I can go nuts and it never hurts. Yet as a fan of firmer silicone like Tantus’ standard formula, it’s enough to satisfy my g-spot and me.

The length of the Tiger lets the ridge get wherever I want it in any position (I’ve discovered it feels particularly heavenly all the way in when I’m in a sort of cowgirl position)


The Tiger is good for anyone that likes texture, I think, and the price isn’t bad. Go for it! I’ve not been disappointed in any way by the quality, utility, or performance of the Tiger. Plus the red is somehow fun and sexy at the same time. I bought mine straight from Fun Factory with free shipping.

You can grab the Tiger from Fun Factory or at SheVibe.

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