Tantus Flurry O2 Review

TantusFlurry O2 is a rare beauty in the silicone dildo world.

Sure, with inferior materials like PVC and TPE, translucent toys are easy to find. Translucent and clear silicone, on the other hand, is not often seen. The real stand-out feature for Flurry is that you can see the firm core through the outer layer of silicone. It makes for a neat, unique, gradient-like effect.

Another feature Flurry has going for it aesthetically is its abstract form. It kind of looks like a bio-dick, but not really. The dual ridges definitely make it look more non-realistic than even semi-realistic, in my opinion. Dual-density dildos definitely tend to be very realistic, which is unfortuante for those that don’t want a dildo that resembles a penis, for whatever reason. Dual-density can be indispensible for strap-on play and other purposes: you get a cushy outer layer without sacrificing the ability to pilot the dildo, a quality that single-density soft dildos (often to the frustration of their users) lack.

In [Vaginal] Use

Flurry was my first dual density dildo. Dual density is hyped as a perfect medium between hard and soft by so many; I definitely felt I had to try it. Flurry’s good looks also had me lusting for it for a good while. It’s unintimidating in size as well, so I was excited to receive it from Tantus for review.

The head is definitely the squishiest, most pliable part of the Flurry. Otherwise, it’s still more flexible than a single-density (non-Super Soft) Tantus dildo, but not as flexible and squishy as either of the two Vixskin dildos that I have. I’m not of the opinion that squishier=better in all (or even most) cases, though, it’s just an important distinction.

Turns out, it was a really hard dildo to review for me. The straight form doesn’t do much for me. Flurry’s ridges irritate, rather than pleasure, my vagina. There’s more than one way to stimulate a g-spot, but this ain’t it for me. Thrusting it only really yields a slight grating sensation on my walls, no matter how I turn the toy. If I try to be more gentle with it, the spot stim I can wring out of the rod-like1 shape just isn’t enough. I can’t really even distinctly feel the tip. Just the ridges, rubbing relentlessly.

The thing about Flurry is it just feels so much more textured than it looks. This was pretty shocking to me, as it looks like it’d be easy to handle, But somehow, Flurry manages to be pretty intense in that one way while seeming unintimidating. I can see this toy working for someone that likes texture but finds that most toys overdo it (especially around the entrace to whatever they’re putting it in), or someone that doesn’t enjoy the more intense, targeted spot stimulation that toys with curves or bulbuous heads give.

Unfortunately I love targeted spot stimulation, so Flurry and I didn’t work out…vaginally, at least.

As An Anal Toy

Before testing Flurry out, my go-to anal dildo was Tantus’ Echo Super Soft. My main problem with that dildo is its floppiness, so I had high hopes for Flurry for this purpose.

I have to say I definitely appreciated it more anally. Basically, if I get my hands on a soft dildo…chances(100%) are that my vagina won’t like it, but that it’ll be a great anal toy for me. Something about the squish just feels amazing back there. I also have no qualms about a straight toy for anal; I can hit and pressure my spots just fine by angling it or in the right positions. Flurry’s outer layer could be a tad softer, which would feel better for me, but it’s soft enough and its firmness makes it easy to drive and hit the right spots. The slightly tapered, bendy head is also nice here.

The texture thing isn’t an issue for me anally as much as vaginally. I can feel it, but it’s not “grating” or irritating per se, it’s just something I notice. It’s not really pleasurable though. It might add to your experience if you want to feel a somewhat subtle rubbing inside, for extra stimulation during thrusting.

Final Thoughts

All of the above leaves me in wishy-washy spot regarding the Flurry. I tested it for a long time and still haven’t been able to break out of that state. It’s ok for anal, but it’s persona non grata in my vagina at this point (all that testing..). I probably should have known that a straight dildo just…wouldn’t do it for me after my experience with the Echoes.

The main takeaway: don’t underestimate the texture. Second takeaway: think hard on whether a straight dildo can work for you, or you might be really disappointed.

You can grab a Flurry O2 at Tantus(keep an eye out for Tantus’ big sales–they have 30-50% off sales fairly often!) or SheVibe.

Tantus sent me the Flurry O2 in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Tantus!

  1. One of Epiphora’s tags is “ugh, it’s just a rod” or something to that effect. Relevant.