What I do

My intention regarding the content of this blog1 is that it would provide an informative, interesting personal perspective on various sexual topics. I am open to reviewing any body-safe, non-porous2 toy that comes from a respectable retailer/manufacturer3.

Beyond toy reviews, I aim to publish my thoughts on various subjects surrounding masturbation, self-care, health, and social/political problems. The views expressed on this blog are mine alone; I don’t publish guest posts or posts that are essentially ad copy.

I reserve the right to publish my honest thoughts about any product received in exchange for review. A review or mention of any company/person does not constitute an endorsement of or affiliation with that entity. Furthermore, I reserve the right to rescind any affiliation established in the event that I do explicitly associate with a company or person, and no longer wish to at some later point in time.

Blog Content

I take responsibility for, and ownership of, everything I publish on this blog. There is a moderated comment section that I’ve left on my posts, which means that some “content” on this site will come from others, not necessarily myself. In the event that I fail to remove comments that go against my comment policy4, understand that those comments are the responsibility and property of their poster, not of myself nor Disqus.

  1. www.solochro.me 

  2. There are, of course, some products that are pthalate-free but porous; I may be open to reviewing sleeves or other external toys that fit this description. 

  3. I do not support, and, if possible, will not recommend, that people purchase products from companies that have engaged in documented deplorable behavior, e.g., Pipedream. 

  4. Available above the comment box itself and through Disqus.