Here’s how works, for the curious.

I’d placed the box in my nightstand before I’d even used it.

It came in a day, with free shipping from Peepshow Toys, via an awesome deal ($79 for the Pure Wand and a 2 oz container of The Butters Lube).

I like the Ripple; the small size means it’s perfect for ‘cold’ use.

When using it for the first time, I discovered how much I like the undulating shape of the toy, despite the small size.

The Tantus Echo and Echo Super Soft are surprisingly different.

My latest purchase from Tantus was a Grab Bag Echo–I ended up receiving an Echo Super Soft in what looks like Midnight Purple instead of the normal firmness. Tantus sent me a normal Echo in Purple Haze after that, so I get to review both here!