Welcome to my sex blog, solochro.me

Self Q&A

What kind of name is that?

Instead of monochrome, I went with ‘solo’-chrome because monochro.me was taken.

Ok, but why ‘monochrome’ in the first place?

I felt inspired by the lesbian flag and the rainbow pride flag. I also like the way that they’re icons that show and embody a sort of progression; the ‘chrome’ part of the name, in the context of a sex blog, evokes those colors for me.

What do you think you’re doing, exactly?

I want to explore, discover, and enjoy my sexuality and my body; I thought a blog would be an interesting and especially illuminating way to do this, because it forces me to express myself safely regarding topics that are otherwise kept quiet in my life.

Who are you?

Call me by your name Jean. I’m a cis1 lesbian in my 20’s. Apart from being an amateur sex blogger, I’m an artist and writer. I’m vegan.

How can I/my company work with you?

Please have a look at my policies page, then contact me at solochrome@tuta.io.

  1. I’ll be writing about this. But for now, that’s my answer. Update: I’m cis lol. Was questioning for real though.